How to make your British flowers last longer

orange emperor

Some simple tips to make sure your British flowers last longer.

Thoroughly wash and rinse your jug or vase. Very important. Even when cutting flowers making sure your secateurs, knife or scissors are clean. Hygiene, Hygiene, Hygiene 😉

Fill your vase with fresh lukewarm water. I don’t use flower food but I often add a drop of bleach in the water to keep the bacterial level down. Otherwise you can make your own flower food (see below)

Remove any of the foliage that would end up in the water otherwise it will spoil your flowers and discolour the water. This should have been remove if they come as a handtied bouquet.

Trim a little off each stem at an angle so the stems have plenty of access to the water.

Put your flowers in a cool place – avoiding above the radiator, in a window with direct sunlight. And avoid putting your flowers near your fruit bowl – the fruit gives off ethylene gas which ages your flowers.

I like to replenish the water daily if possible but if you can’t then keep an eye of the water level as they do drink a lot.

Obviously admire daily and have a smell as you walk past. Snifffff…fragrant British flowers, can’t beat them.

And if a couple of the flowers are looking a little tired, take them out and enjoy the rest for longer. Or leave and enjoy the beauty that can occur from a seed head and a scattering of petals around the vase.

ps If you receive a bouquet in an aquapack, do transfer to a vase as soon as possible as it will need more water than they can carry.

And if you receive a gorgeous hand tied bouquet of locally grown British flowers or even Yorkshire grown flowers, there is no need to cut the string on them as they will stay together then. Unless you want to that is 😀

Make your own Flower Food Recipe: 2 simple recipes

  1. A small glass of fizzy lemonade (not diet) to the water. The mix of acid and sugar helps to stop bacteria and therefore helps the life of your flowers. By the way avoid diet lemonade – it doesn’t have any sugar to it not so good.
  2. Add one tablespoon of sugar, one tablespoon of vinegar and half a teaspoon of household bleach to your vase for good results.

If you now saying “ooo, I’d like some of them there British flowers” then contact me here.

Rachel x



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